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If your business premise is wired for DS3 (lit), then full DS3 can provide substantial savings for bandwidths over 12 mbps. If more than 12 mbps is needed but a full DS3 is not, fractional or burstable DS3 are often more cost effective options. However, with any form of DS3, the cost of build-out will be a reality if the building which will be served is not lit. Because the cost of build-out cannot be determined without much assessment by trained technicians, build-out charges are very seldom included with DS3 quotes. Most major providers will not endure the expense of build-out assessment until after the customer commits to a signed application. Commonly, if build-out proves to be too expensive, then the application is terminated without cost to the customer. Regardless of cost of build-out, because price per mbps for full DS3 is commonly less than half than price per mbps of T1, the resulting monthly savings compensates for DS3 build-out costs within a few months.  

DS3 point-to-point circuits are extremely popular for connected two or more business locations. To clarify, with point-to-point a separate circuit is needed for each two locations networked. These circuits can facilitate location to location transfer of large data files, multiple file transfers between hundreds of employees, location-to-location voice traffic and video conferencing.  

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