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A DS3 voice circuit is excellent for large call centers, or for facilitating the telephone needs of hundreds of occupants of an office complex. T3 voice can be provided either as local voice, for local and long distance calling, or as long distance voice, which provides wholesale per minute long distance prices but does not facilitate local calling. Both long distance and local voice can be integrated into one DS3 voice circuit.  

Data T3 is a 45 mbps (megabits per second) circuit. A data T3, commonly referred to as data DS3, is the equivalent of 28 T1s (commonly known as DS1s). T3 is commonly used for large: point-to-point (private line) circuits, MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), internet traffic, VoIP call centers, video conferencing and broadcast quality video transmission. If the end user needs less than 12 mbps, bonded T1 (bonded DS1) can be a much less expensive alternative T3. Since a bonded T1 circuit only requires two pairs of phone lines, it can be installed free of charge to virtually any business location in the US. T3 however requires special wiring so if the business is not wired for T3 (lit), there will be extra cost for installation of T3. Alternatives to T3 include fractional T3, burstable T3, voice T3, and OC3.  

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